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December 29, 2014

Here are some basic tips on choosing an airsoft gun that is right for you. A lot of these factors will depend on what your uses of the airsoft rifle or handgun will be. Some people are looking for a gun simply for their own amusement and others will be using theirs in competitions, so there is a more strict set of guidelines that they should follow. But the tips below should be the main things that any consumer should look for in a quality gun made for this sport.

Tip # 1: Make sure the airsoft gun is made with as much metal as possible.

Most stores that I have walked into that are selling these guns have a wall full of fancy looking AK 47s, M16s, and sniper rifles. But you really need to look past all of that shiny plastic and see what is really made of metal. If you are on a budget, than you don’t need to buy a rifle that is completely metal, but always make sure that at least the gear box is not plastic. A plastic gearbox will break down quickly over time and is not nearly as reliable as a metal one. Also, some parts may seem fine that they are plastic, but when you are running across the field in the middle of a game and drop your rifle you don’t want all of those plastic parts breaking off.

Tip # 2: Buy an AEG and not a gas-powered gun if it will be used outside in the cold.

CO2 powered guns and green gas guns can really pack a punch. And for a handgun there is nothing better than gas power, but you should be aware that cold as an adverse effect on these gas canisters, and they are notorious for not working well in near freezing weather. Now, if you live in Florida then this should not be much a problem, but it’s something that needs to be pointed out before you make your decision.

Tip # 3: Make sure the batter is powerful enough.

Sadly, there are airsoft gun manufacturers that are purposely selling guns with batteries so weak they are not strong enough to keep pulling that spring back for every shot. Over time this will wear down the battery even faster and even cause a few misfires now and then. You should also make sure your battery is big enough to be able to last you an entire game without having to stop to replace it. Of course, you can always carry a back up battery in your pocket, but read up on some reviews of the gun you are looking at to make sure it comes with a sufficient battery.

Tip # 4: Never remove that orange tip at the end of the barrel.

I k now it is tempting to get rid of that bright orange tip on your gun, but it is actually against the law to remove it or paint over it. This is because a bystander or even a police officer cannot tell if it is a real assault rifle or not. After all, these airsoft rifles are exact replicas of the real thing, and it would only be smart to make sure they stood out as recreational guns and nothing more. This isn’t really a tip in choosing a gun, but it did need to be mentioned.

Tip # 5: Look for the FPS rating on the box.

A cheaper quality gun will never really advertise how fast it shoots. The FPS stands for Feet Per Second, and the higher the number the faster it will shoot the 6mm BBs. For recreational use, you should look for something like 215 to 300 FPS, and if you are a serious airsoft enthusiast you can get something more like 300 to 450 FPS. No matter how nice the gun looks you should check for this number, and then buy a chronograph so you can test it out at home.

Here is another tip for you. Why not check out some reviews on the airsoft gun before you buy it. You can find some great prices and great reviews on airsoft guns here. be sure to also check out some of the most popular airsoft snipers on the market right now.

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