December 29, 2014

Are you curious about the criteria that are used to determine what makes one airsoft rifle better than another? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone. There are many new airsoft players who are confused about the distinctions between products, and that is why I am here to help clarify this and educate you about the importance of several airsoft-related factors.

A measure of great importance is the speed at which pellets exit the barrel. This is known as the FPS rate, since the speed is measured in how many feet the pellets travel per second. On the low end of the scale, some guns fire at 120FPS, while the highest can reach around 450FPS. If you are going to be using an electric airsoft rifle, the more applicable range will be 250FPS-350FPS, and the only way you can get to a higher level is by switching over to gas, which is the most powerful type of power source.

Another important thing that determines the quality of an airsoft rifle is whether it is made entirely of metal or not. Those that are full metal experience a higher level of power, and more importantly, an increased durability. This means that your rifle can take a lot of physical wear without ever breaking, and since airsoft is an intense sport that involves a lot of contact, having a durable gun is more important than ever.

When comparing products, make sure to look at all the specifications. This ensure that you will make an informed decision that takes all the factors into play, and also helps prevent any disappointment from a purchase. It really sucks when you buy a product and then find one that would be better, but since you’ve already bought something else, you’re essentially stuck with it (unless there is a return policy). Therefore, be careful and diligent before actually making the payment.

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Team Kaamelot Airsoft 67 : Dernière partie de l’année ;)

Well MB 08 modifié:
canon de précision Madbull 6.03
bloc détente en métal well
kit upgrade well (piston métal, guide ressort sur roulement)
chambre hop up d’origine, mais patte d’appuis en alu
portée pratique 70m tendu

Gopro + caméra HD
monté dans première

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