Kid gets shot with a 900 FPS airsoft gun


December 29, 2014

CQB stands for close quarters battles, which are some of the most exciting games in the world of airsoft. CQB games can take place indoors or outdoors and are often set up inside converted warehouses. They are more fast-paced than normal games and the combat takes place in a closer proximity to the opponents. FPS and range is not a huge concern in CQB, with most players preferring to hit high rates of fire instead. CQB setups tend to have a high bunker density with narrow corridors and tight corners. This makes smaller weapons better suited to the environment. There are many excellent CQB guns out there, and here we’ve decided on our top 5.

These AEGs are all made specifically for CQB circumstances and excel in that area. They can be used outdoors or at longer ranges effectively as well, but CQB is where they will really outgun the competition. All these options are reliable and great value for money, and will function for a long time if maintained properly.

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