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December 29, 2014

A lot of people who practice parkour or want to practice parkour, are not sure where they can practice.

I hear a lot of the following questions: Where do I practice? Is it legal to practice there and how do I know? How do I learn new moves safely? Should I hire a coach?

And several other questions along those lines. By the end of this article you will have answers to all of those, and hopefully opened up your mind to a whole new lists of possibilities where you can practice parkour.

Where Do I Practice Parkour And How Do I Know If It Is Legal

You can practice parkour just about anywhere in the world. In the woods, in the park, around the house, a gymnastics gym, around your house. Basically anywhere where you have something to jump over or test your imagination.

At a park they have benches and tables, slides, monkey bars, walls, a ton of stuff that will allow you practice several different parkour moves. To get a general sense of stuff you can do and get the creative juices flowing, look on YouTube and search for parkour at a park. And you will see how easy it can be.

Look around your house. Are there any walls you can run up? Fences you can jump over or climb? Chairs, ledges, or anything else you can makeshift? The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

The best and easiest way to tell if it is legal to practice parkour there is to look for a sign. If you don’t see a sign then chances are it is legal. But again I am not a lawyer and cannot tell you for sure. So to make perfectly sure you can either contact law officials or look up local laws.

How Do I Practice Parkour Safely

The best way to practice parkour safely is to find a gymnastics gym in your area. They have everything a parkour practitioner could want.

They have bars, trampolines, pads, large blocks, and my personal favorite, the foam pit. The is the best way to practice safely.

You can practice front flips and back flips on the trampolines and the foam pit. You can use the large blocks to set up obstacles to vault. You can set down individual pads and practicing flipping on them and other new moves you are practicing.

If you need to practice safely in the streets. That becomes a little bit more complicated. The best way to do that is to learn from the Tapp Brothers.You can get a complete parkour training program from or you can get five days free training with them for free. Just click the link below.Learn More Parkour

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