Electric Beretta P92 FS Airsoft Pistol Review 2011


December 29, 2014

Spring powered airsoft guns can be used in a variety of conditions and shooting situations. The higher end spring loaded rifles are somewhat expensive, yet they will work remarkably well for airsoft matches, competitive muzzle velocities, and other marksman applications. Some of the pump airsoft guns are commonly used in close quarters battle as well.

Spring powered airsoft guns are also the gun of choice when it is to be used during the winter. Spring pistols are known to be much more reliable than their gas or electric counterparts, because the spring mechanisms are in no way compromised by the changes in the temperature. Gas-powered weapons tend to lose a percentage of their firing capacity due to the cold, and the batteries in the automatic electric pistols can lose power and performance as well.

The primary advantage of choosing a spring powered airgun over one of the other varieties is that it can be used in virtually any situation, weather condition, or for any purpose. The shooter is not required to rely upon any additional sources of power, such as gas, batteries, etc. The fact that spring powered guns operate without any additional power source is a distinct advantage in that it can always be used no matter if the shooter runs out of power or not. Additionally, the spring powered guns are less vulnerable to water damage, unlike the battery powered weapons who can easily malfunction.

The second advantage of purchasing a spring powered gun is the price. A true electric powered gun can cost between $200 to $550 dollars, depending on the market. A high quality gas-powered gun can also cost somewhere between $80 and $200. Both of the other varieties require the shooter to purchase additional equipment. Spring guns, by comparison, rarely cost more than $50.

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***I mention SEVERAL times that for actual airsoft, this gun is pretty underwhelming in performance. So don’t get pissy.***

Link to the gun: http://www.amazon.com/Beretta-Electric-Airsoft-Pistol-airsoft/dp/B004VRMW7C

Is it semi? Yes.
Where can I get extra accessories (clips, batteries, etc)? I don’t know. Google it, you can probably find something on Amazon or eBay.
When it runs out of BBs, does the slide lock back like a real gun? No.
Does it shoot plastic BBs or metal? Plastic.
How does it compare with another gun? No clue, this is just a review of a gun I own. I’m no airsoft expert, I’ve only had 2 airsoft guns in my entire life.
What’s the damage like? Even putting the tip of the barrel on an aluminum can, it won’t do more than slightly dent the can. It’s VERY weak.
My gun is broken and I don’t know how to fix it…can you help me? I am NOT the one to look to if you need any helpful advice. I’m no expert in airsoft, and I wouldn’t know how to even unjam a gun. Google your problem, ask for help on Yahoo answers, etc. I don’t know how to do more than shoot and reload with this gun.
Is it electric? Watch the dang video.
How fast does it shoot? Watch the dang video.
Is it very accurate? Watch the dang video.
What’s the blowback like? Watch the dang video.

If you’re looking for a realistic gun prop with great blowback at just around 20 bucks, get this gun. The first video on YouTube of it! Best part: It’s electric, so it doesn’t cost you more over time like a gas powered one.

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Electric Beretta P92 FS Airsoft Pistol Review 2011 | Airsoft Man

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