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December 29, 2014

In the world of airsoft guns there are many different brands and models from which to choose from. Some are very good while others are very poor. Knowing what brand to choose can be difficult and a times a bit overwhelming. One brand that stands out of above the rest is SRC airsoft Gen III line. Below you will learn what makes these guns ideal for most enthusiasts no matter what you skill level.
First the biggest factor is the gearbox that comes stock with these guns. It is a fully reinforced metal gearbox which is very strong and has minimal flex, this is critical if you want to upgrade springs for more power. In fact SRC includes an extra  M120 spring with each gun so you can upgrade to 400 FPS for no cost. Internally the gearbox has been beefed up with many strong parts that will last along time.

Gen III Gearbox Internals

This all adds up to a very strong gearbox that can handle upgrades, and give you lasting performance for many years to come. Even as great as the gearbox is SRC airsoft company did not stop there. They gave all of their guns 6.05 tight bore barrels right from the factory. This means you will not have to buy an aftermarket barrel in order to get pin point accuracy!

The construction of the guns is very strong and only the best materials were used. For example the M4 series uses an anodized aluminum receiver, an aluminum outer barrel and many other aluminum/steel parts in all the critical areas. The AK series also uses many steel/aluminum parts as well as real wood in its construction.To keep their guns strong and durable there is very little plastic use.It is the use of high quality materials like this that make the SRC line of airsoft guns rock solid, wobble free and very accurate right out of the box.

Where Can I Learn More About The SRC Gen III SeriesYou can learn more about the Gen III Series of SRC Airsoft Guns and other tactical airsoft gear at the top air soft gun retailer in the country www.ontargetairsoft.com where all Our Guns are Tested, Chronographed, Guaranteed!

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This video is based solely on my opinion, obviously opinions about certain guns may differ. This video should be used as a guide to find the best airsoft gun for yourself and not taken as these guns are the best.

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