Airsoft Sniper Rifles


December 29, 2014


That is probably the most frequently asked question pointed out by new Airsofters and I believe that the same question has lead you this far reading this article, correct?

Well, to be more specific, in this article, I think it is best for us to concentrate on Tokyo Marui (TM) Airsoft Electric Guns. Why TM AEG? Because as I’m writing down this article, unlike those Classic Army AEGs, TM AEGs are still the best options I know for average newbies.

OK, let’s get back to that resounding question, what is the best AEG?

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but there is really NO best AEG…

How come?

Because it all depends on the main purposes you need them for! Therefore, the question should be what types of TM Airsoft Electric Guns suit your needs and your characters…

If you like playing in tight areas or indoors, you like rounding the corners to take out slow enemies, you like to be always on the move, you want to be able to find your way easily and you also want to be able to move quickly through hard terrains and tight quarters, then…

…you need to have a small and compact weapon. Here are some Airsoft Electric Guns that will suit you…

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