(Airsoft) Most ridiculous airsoft gun ever made : CrossFire Micro Pistol BB Launcher


December 29, 2014

World War II Airsoft guns are for those who are avidly interested in World War II infantry units and some of the spectacular ground battles that took place during the course of the war.

Sellers of World War II guns have brought many of the best World War II small arms replicas that are available on the market. These guns are essentially for collectors. Some very rare finds can occasionally be made, as these guns tend to be out of production more often than not.

Since the 1950s, hundreds of thousands of replica small arms have been made in Japan and World War II models have always been popular, with a wide variety of guns available. Many of these models are fascinating in detail and authenticity. The quality, realism, and details of these models are unsurpassed. The best of these models are on display at war museums and used in World War II movie productions.

The second World War was truly a conflict of enormous scale that hopefully will never be seen again. This is why, 60 years later, it continues to grab the imagination of new generations. Now we can only read about the stories of survivors and see the movies that try to recreate the era. However, when you handle some of the fantastic replicas that are available, such as a Shoe MG42 or CMC Kar 98k, you feel a whole lot more life in the stories that you?ve read and the World War II movies that you?ve seen. Better still, having such excellent Airsoft replicas in a re-enactment event or World War II game will give a more authentic experience to someone trying to experience what that combat might have been like.

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A team mate gave this gun to me for free. I don’t know where you could buy the same… And I’m not sure to understand why you’d want to get one.

[edit] You can buy it on Airsoft Factory for… 2 € : http://airsoft-factory.fr/spring/10000446-crossfire-811396011057.html

So, this gun is… Well… Funny, I guess. The bb’s is “powered” by… A very tiny spring which releases the slide when you pull the trigger. The slide moves forward and pushes the bb’s.

[Edit] Some of you advised to push the slide forward after puting the bb’s (as actually mentionned on the bag). It does work a bit better like this, but that’s still not great. But instead of 15 cm, it becomes, well… 2,5 meters ?

Click here to see how you’re supposed to use it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=iv&src_vid=rLDWB2tFpXo&annotation_id=annotation_172030&v=FrgqjRxuQxo

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