Where to buy airsoft guns in Canada


December 29, 2014

Now that I have covered a few topics, I think its time we look at the player themselves to make sure they are ready for such a day out. This is just a general overview of some of the equipment I have used or have seen on the market for cheap.

First of all you have to work out a budget of how much you are willing to spend, as you don’t need to buy everything at once. Thankfully with the internet and lots of used and new “western” military surplus clothing and tactical equipment has been quite large. On top of that with the new ACU pattern being adopted US woodland and US tri-color desert is now being phased out of most units when on rotation.

First and foremost, your first purchase should be a set of paintball approved goggles.

Next check your local surplus shop, as most OD or US woodland sets can be found for $5-$25 bucks depending on how used it is. If you live near a military base, try to find an off base surplus store near by as it will be a goldmine in kit for sale. Surplus shops are great because you can browse and sometimes find a really rare items if you know what your looking for. If your local shop is big in imported goods you probably will find some Swiss Alpenflauge or East German DDR rain camo for next to nothing! Rule of thumb is pick a pattern that works well every season and limits the use of black.

If that fails, you can always try the internet. There is all sorts of web stores around full of different patterns. From former Eastern Bloc states uniforms and current issue Russian to South African and sometimes the odd Australian Auscam uniform.

Next would be something to carry the AEG magazines, either a tactical vest or a webbelt and harness system. The webbelt and harness’s come pretty cheap, mind you in most cases you do have to buy the pouches separate. Pick a neutral color for these, or a pattern that matches or blends well with your uniform. Your equipment should be checked if it fits your magazine type, general rule of thumb is one AK mag is fits one Armalite (with magpul) and two mp5 magazines / pouch cell. For modern “Western” army gear, sometimes the cheap alternative is buying a “knock off” replica vest. Lots of players in the States seem to be buying these to complete impressions.

Headgear in airsoft should be kept to a minimum, most airsofters who have helmets do not often wear them. Most players around here wear bandana’s or camoflauge patrol caps. Boonie hats are not a good idea due to the heat that cannot exit the goggle built up while playing, the brims trap this heat and cause goggles to fog. Anti-fogging solutions are available the cheapest being hair soap and water.


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