KWC Mauser M712 Broomhandle CO2 Blowback BB and Airsoft Pistol Update Video


December 29, 2014

Airsoft is not a recognized sport in the news media sense, more people know about paintball. Well, for one thing, airsoft is a lot cheaper; don’t believe it? Go to any store or online site that sells these products and you as a consumer will see the difference. Airsoft is also a lot safer and doesn’t cause as much pain like some paintball guns do which ruin the fun of a game. Airsoft is played across the world, especially in Scotland. In Scotland there is a huge outdoor forest with referees and more than plenty of room to hide. Airsoft players from all over go there to play. For example, players from South Africa, Belgium, Canada, Poland and even USA go there so people do know about it from all over the world.

This sport has many unique opportunities as well, in some games vehicles like go karts are used. These vehicles have mounted guns on them and other players can plant airsoft landmine and claymores which will bring me to my next subject. The good thing about airsoft is,if you can think it,it can be used. They have grenade launchers that can be mounted on virtually any gun, other explosives offered are claymores, grenades; flash bang, noisemaker, smoke, or regular frag type.

There are three main types of airsoft guns; spring (aka springers) which are single shot only, gas (aka green gas by airsoft players) which are mainly butane or C02, and finally Electric (aka AEGs, Automatic Electric Guns) that can fire automatic or semiautomatic. As you already know, there are different knds of each gun. It can be broken down to; Springs -pistols, SMG replicas, sniper rifles. Electrics-pistols, mini smgs, electric entry level rifles, electric middle level rifles, electric higher level rifles. Gas/ blowblacks- pistols (nonblowback, blowback), gas rifles, gas sniper rifles.

You should try to learn more about airsoft pistols, which are an important tool in airsoft. There are many airsoft premier guns that fit the category of pistols.

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