(Airsoft) Colt Python KWC/Cybergun


January 18, 2015

Since Airsoft started back in the 1950’s, Tokyo Marui was one of the first manufacturers who produced the guns used for the game. Hailing from Adachi in Tokyo Japan, Tokyo Marui continues to be the best suppliers of airsoft guns and airsoft pistols. Because of the popularity of both the game and the company, the company now has its own sports arena which facilitates the game of Airsoft. All of its products are also being supplied through affiliated third-party resellers all over Asia.

One of the reasons why Tokyo Marui’s success was elevated further was because of the appearance of their guns. The airsoft guns and airsoft pistols they create are crafted with fine details that it is impossible sometimes to tell that they do not fire off actual bullets. This is also the reason why most movies make use of Tokyo Marui guns in their action films as they look authentic yet may be more affordable and of course easier to buy than real guns. Not to mention that these guns are of course a lesser danger.

The Most Popular Tokyo Marui Products

Tokyo Marui also propelled itself to fame by producing a set of airsoft guns which are the first of its kind to be powered by electricity. In addition to these, their electric guns are facilitated by the use of air compressors. Through air compressing systems, electric guns are able to fire off distances and produce the intended airsoft projectiles. Eventually, this was released in the market as the FAMAS F1 and ushered in the new generation of airsoft pistols in the industry.

Usually, in close inspection one will find out that the airsoft guns sold by Tokyo Marui are mostly plastic built. Sometimes, even the whole body itself was made entirely from plastic. However there are some parts which are left to be made through metal. This is usually done for sensitive parts which need more protection especially when used during the game. The gearboxes of Tokyo Marui guns are also highly modified for better quality when used. These gearboxes are also fired off with the use of rechargeable batteries to maintain their power.

Other Tokyo Marui Products

There are also some Tokyo Marui guns specifically made for younger boys. This is tagged under the H&K MP5A5 and the Colt M4A1 carbine. These guns have lesser power but use a lot of AA batteries for them to operate. The manufacturers define these boys guns as the scaled down versions of the original designs being produced as these are intended for children aged 10 years old and up.

There are also blowback pistols now being crafted our by Tokyo Marui. These guns are elegantly designed to imitate the projectiles and recoil of the real life hand guns that can fire off automatically. Most of these designs also come in form of canisters as they already involve the use of gas ranges. There are also those that are manufactured in metal for better support on the firing system. These are mostly produced too in limited editions.

Alexander Malroy has been playing airsoft for over 15 years. With an arsenal of over 150 airsoft guns, Alex has first hand knowledge of top brands like ICS, Tokyo Marui, Classic Army and Echo 1. Alex is also a certified airsoft gunsmith for airsocom.com and enjoys both fixing, writing about and reviewing any gun he can get his hands on. When not playing airsoft, Alex enjoys spending time with his two dogs Hugo and Abby.

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This is another Colt Python sold by Cybergun. Most likely made by KWC, unlike the precedent one I showed not long ago who is probably made by King Arms. Why two versions ? No official version to my knowledge.

The gun has a weird shape around the back of the gun. Unlike the king arms version the grip is realistic enough, but they had to make the body this way in order to still be able to take a C02 cartridge. Doesn’t look so good in my opinion, but, well…

It’s full metal, it uses removable cartridges. It’s also very powerful, and the power is inconsistant (between 400 and 500 FPS). Performances aren’t bad however, and you can shot a lot of time with the C02 cartridge (I don’t know how many exactly, but over 100).

Nice for plink shooting I guess, but not really skirmishable.
La réplique m’a été prêtée par Shoot Avenue, merci à eux ! Vous pouvez vous acheter la même réplique sur leur site pour 139,95 €, ici : http://www.shootavenue.com/repliques-airsoft,revolver-colt-python-canon-6-noir-co2-kwc,2372,a.html
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Voila un autre Python vendu par Cybergun. Probablement fabriqué par KWC, contrairement au modèle précédent que j’ai présenté il y a peu qui était sans doute fait par King Arms. Pourquoi deux versions ? Il n’y a à ma connaissance pas d’explication officielle.

La réplique a une forme bizarre au niveau du corps. Contrairement au King Arms la poignée a une forme assez réaliste, mais ils ont du faire ce compromis au niveau du corps afin d’accueillir une sparclette de C02. C’est pas très joli à mon sens, m’enfin bon…

Full metal, il utilise des cartouches éjectables. Il est très puissant, mais sa puissance est irrégulière (entre 400 et 500 FPS). Les performances ne sont pas mal cependant, et on peut tirer vraiment beaucoup de fois avec la sparclette de C02 (je ne sais pas combien exactement, mais plus de 100 fois).

Sympa pour du tir sur cible, mais pas vraiment utilisable en partie.

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